2 years ago

Family excited about daughters performance


The family of a 10- year old daughter could not hide their joy when their little girl who has persistently been chopping last in a class of 50 came 48 in the class examination, beating two other mate.

To express their appreciation about their daughters improved performance Mr. Mensah and his wife grace both traders threw a lavish party at their Accra new town resident at the weekend.

To crown it all the Mensah family attended a thanksgiving service on Sunday to thank the Lord for what he had done for them, speaking to spectators in the area Mr. Mensah said each time their daughter write the exams she place last 50 position and always returned home in tears we will console her and encourage her to study had to perform better , when she eventually manage to beat two boy in her class she came home happy and this wonderful surprise motivated her parents to express their gratitude to her .

They provided a lot of food and drink with music and invited friends within the community said her elated father.

To many the party was very surprising, but the family saw it differently especially, when the little girl has move two steps up. Which signifies hope for the future.        

2 years ago

How to Entertain Children

Entertainment is a form of activity that holds the attention and interest of an audience, gives pleasure and delight. The experience of being entertained has come to be strongly associated with amusement, so that one common understanding of the idea is fun and laughter, although many entertainments have a serious purpose. Entertainment can be used as a medium of education and channeling of other vital information. It is an essential tool in the development and education of children. Forms of entertainment include, taking your child out on a tour to change their environment, setting up a game that kids and adults can play, storytelling not too scary, for example Helen Keller was able to manage her brininess situation till the age of 77 years before she died. Music, drama, comedy, magic shows, dance and a large selection of mystery games that brings amusement are all forms of entertainment. The above selection of the entertainment played with children through different ways are 1. Storytelling: stories about Harry potters witchcraft and the chamber of secrets, Joanne Rowling second book is just as funny, frightening, educative and unexpected as her first and the Daily Mail by Harry Potter for it frictional character are all form of amusement stories that educate and create laughter. 2. Music and dance is also form of an entertainment that educate children and exposed them much to cultural background, activities, and broaden their heron to the Traditional values. 3. Comedy and magic shows also play a vital role in entertainment environment |for kids it could be a form of turning around a comfier. Children are generally considered as persons falling between the periods of birth and puberty or in the developmental stage of childhood, between infancy and adulthood. Children fall under various ages and each age group in the developmental process need to be handled differently. Entertainment is one of the most exclusive ways to get children active, excited and educated. It also helps to keep them healthy. Because children fall under various age groups, different forms of entertainment apply to the various groups. For example children between 1-5 years Toddlers required a constant supervisions other than a 12 year old who could fend for intermediately. Entertaining children especially infant and toddlers is rarely easy, planning ahead can make the different between an enjoyably or a stressful one. The children are well known as the future leaders it is therefore important to give them the best of everything in life especially educate them or some form of entertainment to enable them be well established and well equipped to become very competent and responsible leaders for tomorrows. BY: HELEN SPLENDY NKANSAH.